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Chromebooks for Learning

It is our ambition to have all students using Chromebooks to enhance their learning journey and prepare them to succeed.

We have partnered with Freedom Tech to offer parents the option to purchase a Chromebook via the school. In return for an affordable monthly payment or outright payment, we will provide a Chromebook device that can be used at school and at home, Education accidental damage and theft insurance (with zero excess), warranty, software and full on-site support for the duration of the scheme whilst your child remains a student at The Cottesloe School. For students who are eligible for Free School Meals support is available.

The school does not allow the use of any other device other than a Chromebook as this allows us to manage safety, and Wi-Fi and promote specific educational apps and tools through the Google platform. Students who already have a Chromebook are able to use those in school. They simply need to be configured to our Wi-Fi by our IT support team. We do not support the use of laptops, Macbooks or any other devices in Years 7 to 11 at school.

Individual access to technology is not something that should happen in a few rooms in a school, it should be for everyone, everywhere and at any time. The world of work is no longer about ‘where you go’, it is more about ‘what you do’ and technology enables that to happen almost anywhere. We want our students to have access to the best platforms, apps and sources of information ever assembled and to study and research in their own innovative and personalised ways. This will complement more traditional methods of teaching - not simply replace them.

We need to make full and effective use of technology for learning. Students need to learn about the safe, effective, and productive use of technology and learning tools. We want to make the educational experience for pupils at The Cottesloe School as varied, dynamic and stimulating as possible.


• Easy student-teacher workflow within a safe environment
• Large numbers of computers that can be managed centrally
• Excellent collaboration tools
• Works seamlessly with Google and its suite of apps, tools and other cloud-based applications
• Comprehensive insurance and warranty with zero excess
• A variety of finance options including affordable monthly payments
• We can manage the devices and provide the best levels of eSafety for our students
• To allow students to develop a greater range of skills which would enhance their opportunities for employment, apprenticeships and further education


Chromebooks are very simple to use and offer students access to a wide range of education benefits over time, including;

• Gmail accounts for updates and notifications from teachers
• Google Classroom to view resources used in class and edit and submit documents
• Feedback on their work
• Digital textbooks and other resources used by teachers
• Instant internet access for research purposes
• Common subject-specific resources used by staff to support learning
• Google Forms will be used for quizzes and tests

This has significant benefits for students in school as well as for homework or any future remote learning.

The device on offer is the Lenovo 300E a tried and tested device, powerful and compact but robust enough for school use.

Year 7 and 8 2024/2025

If you want to order a Chromebook for delivery in September 2024 - the portal is open from 15th April to 10th July 2024, please click on the link to the portal below and enter your email address and the login Username: Cottesloe24 Password: S3cure02!

Chromebook Scheme Student Device Provision Programme Summer 2025 (PDF)

If you need more information about the scheme please read the leaflet on this page.

If your child is eligible for free school meals please contact the school office.

Parent Handbook FAQs 2024 - 2025

Freedom Technology Contact Info

If you have any queries or further questions please contact Freedom Technology directly.

Phone number: 0203 857 5630