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Holocaust Beacon School

Holocaust Beacon Schools serve as dynamic hubs coordinating a network of local schools, helping them to develop confidence, proficiency and excellence in Holocaust teaching and learning. We are committed to the view that the Holocaust is a critically important part of young people’s education. We, therefore, demonstrate a commitment to the importance of Holocaust education as well as a keenness to embrace creativity and innovation into our curriculum. The Cottesloe School, in partnership with UCL London, has achieved this status and is therefore recognised for its contribution to this field of teaching.

As a Beacon School for Holocaust Education, we recognise the importance of students being able to bear witness to the events of the Holocaust. In order for them to do this, we strive to provide opportunities for students to learn about this first-hand. We, therefore, plan a number of events in January each year, to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day. 

The Ethics Department organises for students in Years 9 and 10, who take Ethics and/or History, to be given the opportunity to watch a webcast from the Holocaust Education Trust. In these, a survivor or relative shares personal stories about their experiences of persecution. The students then become witnesses themselves and can pass this important information on to future generations, which will become more important, as living testimony will soon not be available. 

We also lead assemblies and lessons on the week of Holocaust Memorial Day. Auschwitz was also used to imprison, or murder other minority groups such as Roma Gypsies and Homosexuals. Therefore we look at other groups that have been targeted throughout history. 

Trips for students

We recognise the importance of witnessing sites of interest to the Holocaust and run trips every year to give students the opportunity to do so.

Pictures from previous trips to Poland

Trips to Poland in previous years Cottesloe School Trips to Poland in previous years Cottesloe School Trips to Poland in previous years