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About Us Cottesloe Character

Prepare | Aspire | Succeed

Our aspiration is that at The Cottesloe School students will follow a 'Cottesloe Journey' that combines learning about and from the world we live in.  Students will experience a sense of fulfilment through educational and personal achievement

Cottesloe Character

Students develop healthy relationships with themselves, others and the community and learning habits that enable them to be successful at school and beyond.

The Six Cs

The six Cs are the learning habits that we are seeking to develop in all students in the school.

This is both to make them successful learners during their time in school, and, as they take their place in the wider world.

The Cottesloe School - The 6 Cs

1. Cooperation is the ability to work together with people either in teams or with the teacher. It is doing the right thing to allow learning to occur.

2. Collaborative Skills are the behaviours that help two or more people to work together and function well in the process.

3. Critical Thinking is using specific dispositions and skills such as analysing arguments carefully, seeing other points of view and reaching sound conclusions.

4. Creative Thinking is using original and appropriate thinking. It is connecting, relating, comparing.

5. Coaching is teaching, showing, advising someone what to do to improve.

6. Challenge is the ability to achieve beyond and keep going. It is having work that extends learning.


Healthy Relationships

As a school, we place great value on learning and encourage our students to take every opportunity to improve themselves in a wide variety of ways.

We place great emphasis on students developing the necessary character to be successful.

We achieve this through building Healthy Relationships for ourselves, others and within the community.

The Cottesloe School Healthy Relationships


  • Tolerance
  • Democracy
  • Opportunity


  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility


  • Empathy
  • Equality
  • Respect

Establishing a climate for learning (PDF)