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The school does not directly involve itself in providing or managing home-to-school transport arrangements. Buckinghamshire Council retains responsibility for all areas of Home to School Transport and the school is unable to appeal on behalf of parents or students with respect to this service.

All queries and any problems with transport to school should be referred to Buckinghamshire Council |

Contact Form -

Travel by car

Parents are asked to consider local residents and not drop off/collect on Church Street at the front of the school. 

 Parents may use the school coach park to bring their child to school from 8:20am. Parents are asked to pull up, drop their child off and leave via the Sports Hub roundabout entrance on the A418. Car drivers should be aware that buses arrive at different times in the morning and must use the shared coach park space considerately.

 In the afternoons, cars are not allowed on site until 3:10pm, after the buses have departed. This is to ensure the safety of all students. Parents are asked to consider timing their arrival at school in the afternoon to avoid blocking the roundabout on the A418 before 3:10pm.

Travel by bus

Buckinghamshire Council school transport information can be found here:  This link provides further information on free/paid-for school transport, bus passes and bus stops. No student may travel without an authorised bus pass.  

 To check eligibility for free transport, please click here: 

 If your child is not eligible for free transport, please use this link to learn more about Buckinghamshire Council’s spare seat scheme.

Contact Form -

Timetables - Council Run Buses (link)

The Cottesloe School Bus Routes

  • Bus MCOT900 |  Northall; Horton; Ivinghoe; Pitstone; 

  • Bus MCOT901 |  Newton Longville; Stoke Hammond; Soulbury; Stewkley Road 

  • Bus MCOT902 | Dagnall; Edlesborough; 

  • Bus MCOT903 |  Littlecote; Stewkley; Carpenters Arms Pub 

  • Bus MCOT904 |  Cheddington; 

  • Bus MCOT905 | Drayton Parslow; Stewkley; Ivy Lane  

  • Bus MCOT906 | Wingrave; 

  • Bus MCOT907 | Newton Leys; Great Brickhill; Chelmscote; Soulbury; The Boot 

  • Bus MCOT908 | Ivinghoe Aston; Slapton; Ledburn; 

  • Bus MAS-104 | Swanbourne; Mursley; Little Horwood; Winslow; Granborough; North Marston; Oving; Whitchurch; Hardwick; Weedon; Aston Abbotts; Cublington This is a commercial route. Families purchase tickets directly from the bus operator. More information can be found here: 


Problems with buses not turning up?

If parents have any queries they should contact the Buckinghamshire Council on their contact form or visit for further information. A missed bus will be counted as an unauthorised absence.

Behaviour On School Transport

Irrespective of the bus provider all students are expected to follow the behaviour guidelines noted below. Misbehaviour on school transport may lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from the use of the home to school transport.

  • Students must wait until the bus has stopped completely before boarding. They must not surge forward towards the vehicle.

  • Students must board and alight only by the main entrance or exit of the vehicle.

  • Once the students have boarded they must not leave the vehicle until they have reached their final destination.

  • Seat belts must be worn where available.

  • Gangways and exits must not be obstructed and wherever possible students must stay seated throughout the journey.

  • Students must not distract the driver unless in an emergency.

  • Nothing should be thrown within or out of the bus.

  • Students must not misuse the emergency door handles or emergency hammers.

  • Fire extinguishers should not be interfered with are to be used only in an emergency

  • Smoking on school transport is not allowed.

  • Passengers must not touch or tamper with any driving controls.

  • Litter must not be dropped inside the bus and children should not play music, etc. in a way that will cause distraction or nuisance to others. 

  • Parents are responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by their children and

  • will have to reimburse the operator accordingly.


Where a child persistently and/or seriously misbehaves on a school bus, then the Headteacher, Council or Private Operator reserves the right to withdraw the transport


 Behaviour that is likely to significantly offend, or endanger, others include:

  • Damage to the vehicle.

  • Actions that may constitute a health and safety risk.

  • Assaults on others.

  • Verbal abuse of other people includes swearing, taunting, racist, sexist, homophobic comments, threatening behaviour.

  • Incitement of others to engage in misbehaviour.

  • Making repeated malicious allegations of mistreatment requiring investigation.

  • Serious misuse of a bus pass.

  • Failure to comply with the reasonable instructions of the driver or school staff.

A Guide to the Coaches and Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to show my Bus Pass?

Students must have their bus pass with them every time they travel to school.  

Bus not arrived? 

In the morning, students are expected to wait for their bus for at least half an hour. This webpage is updated with problems with transport: 

Problems with buses not turning up on a more regular basis, or turning up late?

Please contact Buckinghamshire Council on their contact form.

Missed the bus to school?

In the morning, parents are responsible for getting their child to and from the pick-up points and remain responsible for them until they are accepted onto the vehicle. Students should arrive at least five minutes before the vehicle is due. Ultimately, it is a parental duty to ensure your child attends school. Please ensure your child knows what to do if they miss their bus in the morning. A missed bus is recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Missed the bus home?

The majority of the buses leave just after 3:05 pm each day. The ‘late’ bus leaves at 3:19pm, from the School coach park.  It is not possible for students to use a different bus or travel back to a friend’s house with them. If a student misses their bus home they must speak to a member of the Duty staff (wearing hi-viz jackets) and arrangements will be made with parents/carers to get them home. 

What happens during bad weather?

In the event of extreme weather circumstances, you should check the Buckinghamshire Council website and the school email which will give details of any school closures. 

What if my child leaves something on the vehicle?

Please ask your child to ensure they have all their belongings (clearly labelled with their name) with them when they leave the transport, but if they do leave something behind please contact the bus operator concerned directly and ask for their lost property department.