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Frequently asked questions

Can I have a copy of the Meet the Tutor Presentation?

Here is the presentation

I live or am planning to move to one of the new-build estates, is The Cottesloe School my catchment school?

Please use the Bucks Council school postcode checker to find your catchment school.

What happens if I need to drop my child off before the start of the school day/ collect later than 3 pm?

Registration starts at 8:40 in the morning and the school day finishes at 3pm. Please see our wider curriculum offer for after-school activities |

What is available from the canteen for lunch?

More information about food availability can be found here.

Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

While we encourage students to leave their mobile phones at home, students may bring them to school, so long as they are switched off and in their bags before they enter the school site at the start of the day and remain there unless they are needed for an emergency and they have the express permission of a member of staff. Should you need to contact your child during the school day please contact the school office.

Will students be in the same groups for all lessons?

No, students are set for the majority of their lessons. Students will be placed in different sets for different subjects. In both KS3 and KS4 we place students in ability-based sets in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science so that learning can be effectively tailored. This setting is flexible and reviewed regularly to ensure that students are most appropriately placed.

What after-school clubs are there?

We run a range of lunchtime and after-school clubs to cater for a variety of interests. More information can be found here.

What are the term dates for next year?

Our term dates are published here and all school events can be found here

What will my child's timetable look like?

We operate a two-week, fifty-period timetable for all year groups. A student's Week 1 timetable is likely to be slightly different to their Week 2 timetable; as pictured below. You will find this near the bottom of the homepage.

To find out which week they are on please see this page

Can I purchase a Chromebook?

We are proud to be able to offer the opportunity for new Year 7 students to purchase Chromebooks through Tech for Schools. We will contact you with further details about when the portal opens in June. Chromebooks will need to be ordered by July to allow for delivery in September.

All information can be found here |

Financial support is available for those eligible for free school meals; please contact us for more information. 

Does the school have lockers?

Yes, we do, Independent Locker Solutions Limited provides lockers for The Cottesloe School students.  

The lockers are owned by Independent Locker Solutions Limited and are available for students to rent on an annual basis. Rental costs are £32 per year allowing use from September through to July. More details can be found here |

My child is allergic to dogs/scared of dogs

We have a wellbeing therapy dog called Teddy in school so we need to make sure your child has no interactions with him. If your child is allergic to dogs there is an opt-out form (PDF) please return this form to us. 


Please see our dedicated uniform page |

Transport Provision

Please see the dedicated page |

Parental Pick-up and Drop-off

The school operates a system for parents to drop off and collect by car during peak times. We ask all staff and Sixth Form students to not leave the site until after 3:10 pm and then only via the rear of the school (coach park gate) to reduce congestion. To remove the need for parents to park at the front of the school we have implemented the following procedure and ask all parents to abide by the guidelines set out below. 


Dropping off students: This will be done at the rear of the school, coming off the roundabout on the A418. School buses use this entrance but drop off on the far side of the coach park in the bays. Cars should take the same route as the buses and drop students near the bus shelter outside the Sports Hall. It is a busy area and buses will need to reverse so the speed will be restricted to  10mph. Please be patient and only drop students off in the designated area. This is not an area for parents to park and then come into the school. 


Collecting students: There will be no access to the coach park until after 3:15 pm due to the number of buses leaving the site. There is no parking by the roundabout and buses swing wide at the gate so please plan to arrive after 3:15 pm so that congestion is kept to a minimum. After 3:10 pm you will be able to drive in and collect your child(ren) from the bus shelter outside the Sports Hall. Once again, we would be grateful if cars do not travel at more than 10mph as students may be making their way to sports practice on the field. 

Staff will supervise students whilst they are being dropped off and collected. 

The coach park gates are locked during the school day and therefore parents collecting students or attending meetings during the school day should use the front school gate and use the intercom system to gain access. 

Parents are requested not to park in or near Carey Lodge or to pull up onto the pavement in the immediate surrounding areas as this causes severe congestion and is potentially dangerous. 

Term Dates and Inset Days

Our term dates are published here and all school events can be found here

School Meals

For more information and menus can be found here |

Medical Needs

Please ensure that all medical conditions are accurately recorded on the Admissions Form. For more complex health needs, please see our dedicated page |

Home-School Agreement

The Student - I will: 

  • Show respect and behave with care, courtesy and concern for other students, staff and visitors.
  • Abide by the School rules/systems and look after the school environment. 
  • Wear the correct uniform and take pride in my appearance. 
  • Arrive punctually to the lessons ensuring that I have the correct equipment with me.
  • Allow teachers to teach and students to learn. 
  • Behave quietly and courteously at School, and on the way to and from school, in a way, that enhances the reputation of the School. 
  • Do my Independent Learning and work hard in lessons. 

Parent/Carer - I will: 

  • Ensure that our child’s attendance is good and that they arrive punctually at School and are properly equipped. 
  • Support the School’s policies and guidelines. 
  • Ensure my child abides by the School’s behaviour and uniform policies. 
  • Support and encourage my child to complete their Independent Learning on time and to the required standard. 
  • Inform the School of any problems or concerns that may affect my child’s work, behaviour or uniform at School. 
  • Attend parents’ meetings, key events and other discussions regarding my child.
  • Show an interest in my child’s life at school. 

The Cottesloe School - we will: 

  • Create an environment in which students feel safe, secure and happy. 
  • Create an environment that is conducive to learning. 
  • Do our utmost to ensure that students make progress in line with their potential.
  • Treat all students with respect, considering their views and opinions. 
  • Allow students to take part in extra-curricular activities. 
  • Enable students to take responsibility for their learning and personal development.
  • Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality, uniform or equipment.
  • Lets parents know about any concerns or problems affecting their child’s welfare, work or behaviour.
  • Emphasize rewards rather than sanctions to achieve high standards of behaviour. Send home regular assessments and progress reports. 
  • Arrange parent consultation meetings during which their child’s progress is discussed.
  • Keep parents informed about school activities through regular communications. 
  • Enforce appropriate use of the internet as agreed in school policy. 


Please complete the appropriate section on the Parental Consent page of the accompanying Electronic School Admission Forms. 

Online Safety and Acceptable Use Agreement

The internet, email, mobile technologies and online resources have become an important part of learning and life.  We want all pupils to be safe and responsible when using any IT. It is essential that pupils are aware of online risk,  know how to stay safe and know where to go to report problems and access support. 

Students are expected to read and discuss this agreement with you and then sign the appropriate section of the accompanying Admission Form Booklet and follow the terms of the agreement. Any concerns or explanations can be discussed with their form tutor in the first instance. 

  • I will only use school IT equipment for school purposes. 
  • I will not download or install software on school IT equipment. 
  • I will only log on to the school network, other school systems and resources using my own school user name and password. 
  • I will not reveal my passwords to anyone other than a parent/carer.  
  • I will not use my personal email address or other personal accounts on school IT equipment.
  • I will make sure that all my electronic communications are responsible and sensible.
  • I understand that everything I search for, access, post or receive online can be traced now and in the future.  
  • My activity can be monitored and logged and if necessary shared with teachers, parents/carers and the police if necessary. I know it is essential that I build a good online reputation.  
  • I will not browse, download, upload or forward material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If I  accidentally come across any such material I will report it immediately, to a member of staff if I am in school or a parent/carer if I am not in school. 
  • I will not give out my own or others’ personal information, including name, phone number, home address,  interests, schools or clubs or any personal image. I will report immediately any request for personal information, to a member of staff if I am in school or a parent/carer if I am not in school. 
  • I understand that not everything I see or hear online is true, accurate or genuine. I also know that some people on the internet are not who they say they are and may have ulterior motives for assuming another identity that will put me at risk. I will gain permission from parents/carers before arranging to meet someone I only know on the internet. 
  • I should never post photographs, videos or Livestream without the permission of all parties involved
  • I will not upload any images, videos, sounds or words that could upset, now or in the future, any member of the school community, as this is cyberbullying. 
  • I will be respectful to everyone online; I will treat everyone the way that I want to be treated. I will ensure that all my online activities, both in and outside school, will not cause distress to anyone in the school community or bring the school into disrepute. 
  • I will not respond to hurtful behaviour online but will report it. I have the right to block and will say no to any inappropriate or upsetting request.  
  • I will respect the privacy and ownership of others’ work online and will adhere to copyright at all times.
  • I will not attempt to bypass the internet filtering system in school. 
  • I will not assume that new technologies can be brought into school and will check with staff before bringing in any device. 
  • I will not lie about my age to sign up for age-inappropriate games, apps or social networks. 
  • I understand that these rules are designed to keep me safe now and in the future. If I break the rules, teachers will investigate, I may be disciplined and my parents/carers may be contacted. If I break the law the police may be informed. 


Please complete the appropriate section of the accompanying School Admission Forms. 

Code of Conduct

Attitude for Learning 

Expectations of all students within the School: 

  1. Move around the building sensibly, considering others. 
  2. Be in the right place at the right time. 
  3. Follow instructions from ALL staff straight away. 
  4. Help to keep the School clean, tidy and contribute to making it a ‘greener’ place to learn.
  5. Wear the correct uniform at all times. 

Lesson Rules

  1. Arrive on time. 
  2. Bring the correct books and equipment to all lessons. 
  3. Be quiet and orderly when entering or leaving the classroom. 
  4. Gain the attention of the teacher appropriately. 
  5. Show respect for all persons and property. 
  6. Respect the right of others to listen, work and learn. 

Additional Rules 

  • Students are not allowed out of School at lunchtime unless they live in Wing and have the Headteacher’s permission to go home for lunch. Students must carry a pass which will be provided by the School. 
  • Make sure that all personal items, including clothing, are marked with the student’s name. ? Mobile phones, MP3 players and other devices are not allowed to be seen, heard or used during school.  
  • If students need a mobile phone it must be switched off and out of sight at all times and handed in, along with valuables, during PE lessons. Students misusing mobile phones will have them confiscated and handed into student reception for safekeeping, where they will be available for collection at the end of the school day. 
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in School. 
  • Students misbehaving whilst travelling to and from School including on the buses or whilst representing the school will be dealt with under the School’s Behaviour for Learning policy. 

Attendance and School Policies

For school absence procedure please see our dedicated page |

All our school policies can be found here |

Contacting the School

Attendance Officer |

General Enquiries |

School Uniform Shop | 

Safeguarding |

Child Protection Issue 

Pastoral Issue

  • Form Tutor 
  • Head Of Year 
  • Assistant Headteacher 
  • First Point Of  Contact

Subject Issue 

  • Subject Teacher 
  • Curriculum Leader 
  • Assistant Headteacher With Department  
  • Responsibility

Peripatetic Music Lessons

Thank you for your interest in Peripatetic Music Lessons at The Cottesloe School. We are delighted to share with you the musical opportunities that are available to all of our students, which are taught by specialist instrumental teachers.

The Government recognises the many transferable skills that learning an instrument instils, as it engages every aspect of the brain all at once. Benefits range from developing spatial intelligence, improved memory, achieving better grades and enhancing social and cultural interests.

If you wish to take up or continue lessons in an instrument, please contact the relevant teacher directly, or, if you have any questions please contact a member of the Performing Arts Team.

We hope your son/daughter will enjoy the opportunity to learn an instrument and join one of our many extra-curricular ensembles.

Click the image below to see our full offering.