Head of Department - Mrs McMinn

French Duolingo
Students in all year groups have been using the Duolingo website and its app to improve their French. As have some members of staff and parents! It is wonderful to see how many students are enjoying using Duolingo and are competing for the top user place each month. We have monitored their progress and the French department would like to congratulate the following students for being the top three Duolingo users in their year group in December.


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Year 7

Harmony Hawes

Cerys Finnigan

Fin Simone

Year 8

Lottie Cable

Sofia Scordo

Jamie Hardings

Year 9

Hannah Turner

Jenni Dwyer

Sasha Braithwaite

Year 10

Amira Omega-Sheriff

Avril Chatora

Annie Taylor

Year 11

Harry Wooller

Josh Parker

Amy Webber

Year 13

Emily Foster

Izzy Dorrance

Federica Guccio

Congratulations to you all. Keep using Duolingo!
Mrs McMinn
Head of French