Governing Body Details


TYPE OF GOVERNOR PRESENT INCUMBENT TENURE OF OFFICE   Register of Interest Other educational governor roles Material interest  
    4 years from:        
Parent - elected Debbie Dunstan 1.1.13 None None None
Parent - elected James Dell 4.2.16      
Parent - elected Louise Stepney 1.1.13 None None None
Staff * Election underway        
LA - nominated Roy Collis 5.12.12 Elected Chair Dec 14 for 3 years None None None
Partnership - nominated Bob Balding 5.12.12 Daughter is MFL teacher Wife: Clerk to GB None Daughter: MFL teacher at school Wife: Clerk to GB
Partnership - nominated Bill Hogg 5.12.12 Exam Invigilator None None
Co-opted – by GB Ruth Griffiths 24.6.15 None None None
Co-opted – by GB David Lett 24.6.15 Toolshed Bucks (Director) Wife: counsellor None None
Co-opted – by GB Paul Morris 24.6.15 None None None
Co-opted – by GB Lynn Stuart 24.6.15 None None None
Co-opted - by GB Adrian Titley 1.1.15 Kayak/Canoe business offers school coaching None Daughter: part time art technician at school
Co-opted – by GB Chris Watson-Bartlam 1.2.15 None None None
Headteacher Andy McBurnie Ex officio      



Meeting:     Constitution: Full governors   Governing Body Special Governors   Governing Body Strategy Com   Chairs, V Chairs Committees   Resources People Com   Member governors Teaching Learning Achievement Com   Member governors Training/ Awareness   Governing Body Statutory Com   Agreed governors Visiting governors Comments   Headteacher attends all governors’ meetings
Spring 2015 RC, CWB, RG, DD, PM, DL, LGS, RB, AT, LS   None held CWB, RC, DL, AT, RG AT, WAH, DL, CWB, LS, RB DL, CWB, DD, LGS, LS Meeting cancelled Complaints: RB, PM, AT DL, RC* CWB^ AT+ *Chairman’s regular meetings with Head
Summer 2015 RC, DL, CWB, PM, AT, RB, RG, LS, WAH CWB, AT, WAH, LGS, DD, RG, RB, LS CWB, RC, DL, PM, AT, RG AT, RG, CWB, RB, WAH, LS, DD, LGS DL, RC, PM, LS, LGS, DD, RG 9.6.15 Headteacher: Questions Ofsted may ask Pupil Discipline: RB, PM, AT Pay Review: AT, RC, CWB DLx3 RG RC* CWB^ AT+ ^V Chair’s termly H&S inspection
Autumn 2015 RC, CWB, DL, AT, LGS, LS, RG, DD None held CWB, RC, DL, PM, AT, RG AT, RG, CWB, WAH, RB DL, PM, LGS, CWB 12.11.15 Motivating Y11, KM Pupil Discipline: AT, PM, RG Pay Review: AT, RC, DL, CWB RC* CWB^ AT+ +Chair of R&P termly meetings with Business Manager
  • Apologies always given for absence
  • Leadership Team members attend selective meetings
  • Headteacher attends all meetings
  • Clerk present at all meetings

Constitution as agreed by Full Governors, 17 March 2015:
3 Parent Governors, 2 Partnership, 1 Staff, 6 Co-opted, 1 Local Authority, 1 Head Teacher

Chair of Governors: Roy Collis DL 
Vice Chair of Governors: Chris Watson-Bartlam 
Clerk to the Governors: Mrs Margaret Balding

[All correspondence should be addressed to the Chair or the Clerk
and sent to the School’s address]